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Recycled Kaleidoscopes

What can you do with an empty Pringles container? Make amazing recycled kaleidoscopes!


  • cleaned, empty Pringles cans with clear lids
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
  • multicolored Sharpies
  • various decorative papers, sequins, etc. to decorate outside
  • mirror board (I found some sold in 8×10″ sheets from Sax Arts and Crafts) cut into 2 1/4″ strips


  • Decorate clear lid with colorful designs using permanent markers.

  • Wrap and cover outside of Pringles can with paper and decorations (we added some holographic elements and plastic jewels).

  • Punch hole in the bottom (I held the can while students used a hammer and screwdriver to punch a hole in the bottom).
  • Tape 3 mirror board strips together to form a triangular prism to slide inside.

  • Look through the hole while turning the lid and holding towards a light to see some dazzling designs!

One Response to “Recycled Kaleidoscopes”

  1. Every year they have fun with this project!!