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Colorful Cats

This project idea came from Art Projects for Kids, one of my favorite sites for great projects and lesson plan ideas. Second grade students are learning how to draw animals using simple shapes and how to incoporate a variety of color schemes in their art. This was their first real project of the year, and though the basic idea is very simple, the results were very successful.


  • Students fold their paper in half vertically and horizontally to divide the paper into four sections.
  • Using a circle template, students trace the cat’s face on the top half of the paper and add eyes, nose, ears, whiskers, etc.
  • Using the template again, create the bottom half of the body with the front legs and tail. Add a horizontal line for the ground.
  • Drawing is traced with a black permanent marker.
  • On the second day of the project, the students color in the entire page using oil pastels. Instead of using realistic colors, they use different colors in each quarter of the picture. Every time they cross a line, they use different colors.


  • 9×12″ drawing paper
  • pencils
  • circle templates
  • oil pastels


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