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Close-Up Snowmen

Third graders are wrapping up the semester with a close-up snowman painting. This lesson comes from the blog Deep Space Sparkle. We used 9×12″ blue construction paper, oil pastels, white tempera paint, brushes and cotton swabs. Most of the class was able to finish in one 45 minute class period, and the results were great. We talked about perspective, view point, and how to crop images to create a detailed, close-up view. They learned that part of the image will overlap the edge of the page, and they need to draw bigger to make it appear close up. They drew some large, overlapping circles that ran off the edge the paper with a black oil pastel. They added faces, scarves, hats, and an arm, all colored in with oil pastels except for the white snow. They carefully painted the white areas with small brushes and added snowflakes with cotton swabs.

5 Responses to “Close-Up Snowmen”

  1. Daniel Griffin says:

    Wow! These are really good! I’m impressed to see such clean paint jobs.

  2. Charlene Such says:

    LOVE IT!

  3. These look great! I’m getting cold just looking at them!

  4. Sara Stevens says:

    Love these! I am so going to have to borrow this idea!! They look so great, I hope my kids will do this well.

    • Margaret Bearden says:

      It was a really successful lesson that can be done in one class period. It was perfect for third grade, but really any grade level could do it.