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Poinsettia Prints


This week the fourth graders created some colorful poinsettia paintings using petal-shaped sponges and tempera paint. This is another great lesson I found on Deep Space Sparkle. The students had cups of red, white, and yellow paint and used a paintbrush to coat a sponge stamp and print petals on their paper. I used regular kitchen sponges and cut out a petal shape for each student. They were encouraged to mix the colors to create orange and pink as well. After printing a few petals, they re-coat the sponge and continue printing in a radial pattern. Next, they used cotton swabs dipped in paint to add a center to each flower. I encouraged them to balance out their paper with flowers and could even have some petals run off the edges of the paper. Next, they used a clean paintbrush to add green leaves and could fill the rest of the negative space carefully with blue. The cool colors in the background contrast the warm colors of the flowers. They results were quite beautiful, and I am happy to have a holiday themed project that doesn’t exclude students who don’t celebrate Christmas.

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  1. Beautiful! Great Christmas art!