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Zebra Collage


The first graders are learning about African wildlife, culture, and art. We began with learning about animals of the African savanna. For this project, we talked about my favorite animal, the zebra. We discussed the zebra’s diet, habitat, and predators, and how the zebra’s unique stripe pattern acts as camouflage in the shadows of tall grass of the savanna. Each student got to use one of the zebra figures or stuffed animals from my collection at their table to help guide their drawing. We drew the figure of the zebra with black oil pastel, and then created the stripes with torn stripes of black paper to give it a fuzzy texture. the backgrounds were created with layers of tissue paper. We used warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) to represent a sunset. Finally, strips of green paper were cut and added to the bottom of the page as grass. Great job First Grade!

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  1. Very cute zebras!!