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One Fish, Two Fish, Paint a New Fish!

This First Grade lesson comes from Deep Space Sparkle, one of my favorite art lesson resources. I thought it would be a great color theory and line project to start out the year. The first graders remembered learning about the primary colors last year in Kindergarten, and this was a great way to review mixing primaries to […]

Creative Color Wheel Cutouts

Third Graders are learning about intermediate (tertiary) colors and how to create them. Each student painted a color wheel given only red, yellow, and blue paint (the primary colors). They mixed the paints on their Styrofoam plate palette to create secondary and intermediate colors. Materials: Color Wheel Template (photocopied large circle divided into 12ths) Styrofoam […]

Tints and Shades with a Cherry on Top!

  Second Grade artists are learning about values and how to create a range of values in their art. They learned how to mix paint to make tints and shades of a single color to create a value scale. Tints are light colors, or colors mixed with white. A shade is mixed with black, and it […]