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Math-e-Magical Tessellations by M.C. Escher

This year, students at Euharlee Elementary School are learning to make connections between math and other disciplines like art and music. Each nine weeks, we have a math-themed art lesson on “Wildcat Wednesday” for each grade level. On our first Wildcat Wednesday math lesson in art class, we learned about tessellations. Tessellations are amazing patterned designs made from one shape repeating over and over without overlapping or leaving any gaps. Like a tiled floor or a brick wall, a tessellation is an interlocking pattern that fits together perfectly like a puzzle. The artist M.C. Escher created some tessellations in the shape of animals, people, reptiles, and fantasy creatures. You can view some of his artwork here:

The students each colored and cut out a single lizard to fit into a giant tessellation made by all of the fourth graders. Later, they used these templates to trace and create their own.


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