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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Mrs. Bearden!

The Scream Self-Portrait

This week the third grade students are learning about Edvard Munch’s famous painting, “The Scream” (Just in time for Halloween!). The painting is an example of Expressionism, which distorts reality to emphasize an emotion, which in this case, is fear or terror. Students speculate about who the figure is and why they might be screaming. […]

Rainbow Fish

This is one of my favorite lessons for kindergarteners. We read Mark Pfister’s book, The Rainbow Fish, and each student drew a fish using shapes and lines. We colored them with crayons. Just like the rainbow fish, I had some shiny, shimmery “scales” made of tinfoil to share with each student. They could tear them […]

American Gothic Parody

Fourth Grade students are beginning a unit on the American artist Grant Wood. From his humble beginnings on a small farm in Iowa, Grant Wood became one of America’s most famous Regionalist painters. His painting, American Gothic, painted in 1930, is now recognized by millions around the world. It has become an icon much like the […]


Colorful Cats

This project idea came from Art Projects for Kids, one of my favorite sites for great projects and lesson plan ideas. Second grade students are learning how to draw animals using simple shapes and how to incoporate a variety of color schemes in their art. This was their first real project of the year, and though […]


Recycled Kaleidoscopes

What can you do with an empty Pringles container? Make amazing recycled kaleidoscopes! Materials: cleaned, empty Pringles cans with clear lids scissors tape glue multicolored Sharpies various decorative papers, sequins, etc. to decorate outside mirror board (I found some sold in 8×10″ sheets from Sax Arts and Crafts) cut into 2 1/4″ strips Procedures: Decorate […]

Kandinsky Circles

Kindergarten and First Grade students are learning how to mix primary colors to create secondary colors with different art materials. For this project, we used tempera paint in the primary colors and white. Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s painting “Squares with Concentric Rings” we talked about how artists like to experiment with different color arrangements and combinations. Materials: […]

Color, Color, Color!

This week and next week, art students are celebrating the Color Wheel Festival! During class, students are learning about the primary colors and secondary colors. Each student will draw a color wheel step-by-step with the teacher to learn how the colors are arranged. Student volunteers will add drops of paint (you could also use food […]

The Color Wheel Festival

The Color Wheel Festival begins this Thursday! This is a special way for art students to wrap up the first nine weeks with a review of color theory. As part of the Color Wheel Festival, students can dress up in the primary colors beginning on Thursday. Here is the full schedule: Thursday, September 30: Wear […]

Underwater Sea Turtles

Second grade students are learning to draw using organic and geometric shapes. They are also using cool colors (shades of blue, green, and violet) to create a mixed media crayon resist. Cool colors are often found in nature. They have a relaxing, soothing quality when used together in art and design. Procedures: Students used source […]