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One Fish, Two Fish, Paint a New Fish!

This First Grade lesson comes from Deep Space Sparkle, one of my favorite art lesson resources. I thought it would be a great color theory and line project to start out the year. The first graders remembered learning about the primary colors last year in Kindergarten, and this was a great way to review mixing primaries to […]

Creative Color Wheel Cutouts

Third Graders are learning about intermediate (tertiary) colors and how to create them. Each student painted a color wheel given only red, yellow, and blue paint (the primary colors). They mixed the paints on their Styrofoam plate palette to create secondary and intermediate colors. Materials: Color Wheel Template (photocopied large circle divided into 12ths) Styrofoam […]

Tints and Shades with a Cherry on Top!

  Second Grade artists are learning about values and how to create a range of values in their art. They learned how to mix paint to make tints and shades of a single color to create a value scale. Tints are light colors, or colors mixed with white. A shade is mixed with black, and it […]

Radial Name Designs

These colorful designs were created by 5th grade students. Following careful steps, students repeated the letters of his or her name in a radial design and traced it with a black marker. The letters reflect and connect with each other forming lots of interesting repeated negative shapes. All of these shapes were carefully colored in […]

Poinsettia Prints

  This week the fourth graders created some colorful poinsettia paintings using petal-shaped sponges and tempera paint. This is another great lesson I found on Deep Space Sparkle. The students had cups of red, white, and yellow paint and used a paintbrush to coat a sponge stamp and print petals on their paper. I used […]

American Gothic Parody

Fourth Grade students are beginning a unit on the American artist Grant Wood. From his humble beginnings on a small farm in Iowa, Grant Wood became one of America’s most famous Regionalist painters. His painting, American Gothic, painted in 1930, is now recognized by millions around the world. It has become an icon much like the […]


Colorful Cats

This project idea came from Art Projects for Kids, one of my favorite sites for great projects and lesson plan ideas. Second grade students are learning how to draw animals using simple shapes and how to incoporate a variety of color schemes in their art. This was their first real project of the year, and though […]


Recycled Kaleidoscopes

What can you do with an empty Pringles container? Make amazing recycled kaleidoscopes! Materials: cleaned, empty Pringles cans with clear lids scissors tape glue multicolored Sharpies various decorative papers, sequins, etc. to decorate outside mirror board (I found some sold in 8×10″ sheets from Sax Arts and Crafts) cut into 2 1/4″ strips Procedures: Decorate […]

Underwater Sea Turtles

Second grade students are learning to draw using organic and geometric shapes. They are also using cool colors (shades of blue, green, and violet) to create a mixed media crayon resist. Cool colors are often found in nature. They have a relaxing, soothing quality when used together in art and design. Procedures: Students used source […]

Complete the Animal Charcoal Drawing

Fifth graders are continuing to practice using values and textures in their drawings to make them look realistic. As a follow-up to our Mystery Animal project, each student selected a photocopied image of an animal with half of the picture blank. They used charcoal pencil to draw and shade in the missing half of the […]